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Yes, dead.


I told Camster that I wouldn’t make a post, but…

…last time I kept a promise, I still had friends.

Self-deprecating jokes aside, I would like to formally declare that I will most likely never post here again. However, I may do a post someday directing you to a new site that I might maybe make maybe. Perhaps if I find something to do regularly like a blog, I’ll cure my horrific laziness. Or not. I dunno this thing stopped being relevant like 2 years ago or something and I’m in one of those funks again where i question myself and everyone around me and lie around doing nothing not that you would know anyway cuz i dunn tell ye nothin good night

Why Society Needs YouTube


Nuff said

Origami Mayhem

No Youtube=No Fun

No fun= No Childhood

No Childhood=No Memories

No Memories=No Life

No Life=No Friends

No Friends=Sadness





Unsafe=Danger (?)

Danger=Unnecessary  Wars (?)

Unnecessary Wars=Less population

Less population=Basically no life

Basically no life=Almost no life

Almost no life=Last Man on Earth

Last Man on Earth=Hostile


And that’s why you watch YouTube kids!

See ya! XD

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